Public test CoMeUp

We have created an open test group on the CoMeUp platform. It is open for anyone interested to use. Just visit and log in using the following:
Username: opentest
Password: test2013open

Welcome!Please bear in mind that this is still a prototype. It has been tested on:
Firefox 16 (Mac OS X 10.8)
Safari 6 (Mac OS X 10.8)
Chrome 25 (Mac OS X 10.8)
Internet explorer 9 (Windows 7): issues (probably fixable) with upload

There might be some problems in other browsers, but we’ll test these soon. In terms of mobile browsers, we have only tested it on the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s browser (remember to allow your phone camera to record location data though!). There are some issues with iPhone (e.g. location doesn’t get recorded). We have not tested at all on other phones.



Camera settings

Check your mobile connectivity settings:
GPS-tunniste: ON

Open camera app and check settings behind the gear in left corner:
Tarkkuus: lower than maximum (to save bandwidth), e.g. between 2-6 M(pix)

Then switch to video camera and check:
Tarkkuus: e.g. 720×480 or 640×480 (maximum produces huge files)

Here are some instructions to help you get started:


• Use the following:
username: opentest
password: test2013open

If you’d like us to create a CoMeUp closed group for your community, let us know! Groups can share galleries between multiple members and individuals can have their own galleries.


Map is hidden in initial view. Click “View Map” to load map
(media gallery remains visible below map)

Search function delivers partial case-insensitive matches for all fields (author, tag, title)

View individual media files:

1. Click the selected media

2. You can then edit the title and tags by clicking “Edit”

3. You can download the original file: Click “Download original”

4. You can edit the position on the media on the map or place it on the map if it doesn’t have location data attched to it already by clicking on the desired position on the map and clicking “Save new coordinates”

Top black bar menu items include:

Chat > links to a chat board where short messages can be saved – (work in progress)

User name > this is where you log out (in future more user-specific items may be accessible from here)

Group names  > you can switch views between any of your galleries from here

Language > Finnish and English are currently available choices


You can save collected media as RSS or CSV by using the drop-down “Export” menu


1. Click “Add media”

2. If you have an HTML5 capable browser (Chrome, Safari 5+, Firefox) you can upload multiple files at the same time by dragging them from your file manager or other application.

Drag to upload

Drag to upload

3. You can also click (green) “+ Add…” button to open finder window (where you can access stored files or media recording options (camera, audio, etc.)

4. After file(s) show up in the list, fill text fields below the list. If you have selected multiple files before filling the fields, all files will receive the same text.

5. Click “Start upload”

6. When files have been uploaded,”Upload Completed” text will appear to right of media thumbnail.

7. If you want to delete files, check box to left of media thumbnail and click (gray) “Delete” button below information fields.

8. To exit the “Add media” view click “View gallery”

Note: this has only been tested on Samsung Galaxy SIII