Citizen Toolkit

CoMeUp was initiated to address topics of community-generated georeferenced media collection and sharing (particularly in urban spaces). This general idea has relevance to topics such as citizen science, community-organised events and services, community informatics, and participatory urban planning.

One of the outcomes of the Aalto Media Factory funded CoMeUp project are seeds for a citizen toolkit, which is currently being further developed as the part of the Kansalaisen Työkalupakki project funded by the Innovative City® Programme. The toolkit is maintained on the Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association (Helka ry:n) web server.

Kansalaisen Työkalupakki is designed to continually receive contributions of digital tools available for public use. Example cases in which one of the tools has been used are also documented on the Kansalaisen Työkalupakki site. If you use CoMeUp or any of the other tools, you might consider adding a description of your use case to the examples page.

The Citizen toolkit prototype on Helka ry's website

The Citizen toolkit prototype on Helka ry’s website

The toolkit will be actively tested during spring 2013 with various users such as members of HePo. If you are interested in joining testing during this time, please contact Sirkku Wallin (sirkku.wallin(at) Welcome!