About UmPro

The UMPro project (Urban Media Prototyping / 2013) explores collaborations between creative technology and media, participatory art, and urban design communities via placemaking and urban media interventions (prototypes) that explore civic engagement. The project builds on the work started during the CoMeUp project and the Aalto Apps & Os initiative (funded by ASF), by involving different communities in adapting available technology and using it in real life settings, through Urban Media Prototyping activities (includes hackathons and in-situ interventions). This project targets communities of students, hackers, residents and activists, as well as city officials (e.g. planners), in an effort to explore digital media production and sharing as a means for doing collaborative work and increasing the quality of life. This project is a collaboration between the Department of Media (Aalto ARTS) and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Aalto SCI). it is partly undertaken through the New Media for the Third Sector course offered by Aalto University’s Media Lab.

UmPro has been made possible by funding from the Aalto Media Factory!

Keywords: digital media, locative media, civic media, citizen participation, urban planning, urban prototyping, citizen science, citizen participation toolkits, hackathons, mobile apps

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