About CoMeUp

The CoMeUp project (Collaborative Media content creation for Urban Planning / April 2012 – April 2013) took a “citizen science” approach in the context of urban planning in order to explore how digital media documentation of the urban environment, which is produced and analyzed by citizens, could be shared and discussed with urban planners and decision-makers.The aim of the project was to kick start research and education activities between the Department of Media (Aalto ARTS) and the Department of Surveying and Planning (Aalto ENG). The development of an easy to use mobile application and front-end component for the web enabled collaborative work with local communities in Helsinki and master level students of Aalto, while making use of the fab lab environment of the Media Factory. The outcomes of the project was used for preparing a research project proposal on the theme of toolkits for citizen participation: Kansalaisen työkalupakki.

CoMeUp has been made possible by funding from the Aalto Media Factory!

Keywords: digital media, locative media, civic media, citizen participation, urban planning, urban prototyping, citizen science, citizen participation toolkits, hackathons, mobile apps