From CoMeUp to UMPro!

CoMeUp officially ended in April 2013. A big thanks to Aapo and Sara for seeing it through! As outcomes we have a working mobile app, the CoMeUp app and two new projects, the Citizen Toolkit one, and UMPro (Urban Media Prototyping). We will continue using this blog for reporting the UMPro activities.

UMPro has started nicely with the New Media for the Third Sector (NMTS) course case for Spring 2013: Cleaning Day! Cleaning Day (Siivouspäivä) is a citizen-driven initiative for turning public space in cities into a carnival-like flea market and recycling extravaganza twice per year. We had already collaborated with the Cleaning Day activists during CoMeUp and decided to continue with UMPro.

We assisted our NMTS students in organizing a hackathon / digitalkoot day on the 16th of March, when a series of digital media outcomes were generated, such as a How To guide for Cleaning Day, Price tags with stories, promotional videos, and the foundation of a mobile app. The mobile app is currently being prepared for launch (for iOS and Android)! Suse Miessner, a Media Lab MA student and newest member of our UMPro team is coordinating the developments.

The next Cleaning Day is taking place on the 25th of May. The NMTS students are preparing a series of urban prototypes and in-situ interventions for that day. Stay tuned :)