Updates and presentation at Media Lab’s demoday

We’ve had a busy autumn after the Cleaning day experiments. Aapo has been working on the the mobile app using Phone Gap. He also wanted to try a browser version, which would work on the desktop and mobile. Sara helped us with some user interface design for the desktop UI.

CoMeUp test proto’s on a mobile browser

The CoMeUp proto on a desktop browser

We’ve been following the latest Instagram-related¬†discussions (among other things) related to ownership rights to photos placed on the cloud and think that the work we’re doing in CoMeUp is more and more relevant every day. Creating and sharing digital media holds huge potentials for collaborative work, including in the area of Urban Planning. However, issues such a indivudual and collective rights to digital media have to be addressed. CoMeUp seeks alternatives for groups to produced, shared and handle digital media together without having to use commercial services or the cloud.

We are presenting our work on 20.12.2012 at Media Lab’s bi-annual Demo Day. You are most welcome to attend and try out the CoMeUp prototypes!

Our plans for next year include further collaboration with the Cleaning Day group. We are involving Aalto students this time via a course offered at the Department of Media. We will also further develop and test CoMeUp with other urban communities. Stay tuned!