Spring updates

Aapo and Joanna have been working on the mobile app (which we might eventually call ComAp… we’re still debating this). It is based on an initial prototype done in collaboration with students from the T-76.4115 course at Aalto SCI. The first App was build for Android. The one we have now has been build using Phone Gap, which means it is adapted for multi platforms.

Mobile application


Web interface

The App makes it possible to collaboratively create geo-referenced text, photo, audio and video entries around a topic of interest for communities. The idea is that this collected media would then be collaboratively handled and analyzed online, i.e. viewed, edited, categorized, so that it can eventually be used as a material for discussion and collaborative work. We are especially interested in researching how this can work with urban communities wanting to affect their everyday environment and eventually work with city officials and planners. We are also not using the cloud, but rather examining the idea of a community server, where communities have more control over the media content they produce and share.

Our user interface designer Anne Luotonen will join us during the month of June to develop the mobile app user interface and ideas for the web interface. Media lab student Sara Jacobsen will then take over in Autumn.

Wireframes for the user interface

Wireframes for the user interface